To inspire hope and possibility in young adults who are living with life-threatening illnesses

Meet Emily Arneson Life Grant Winner

I have now been in Tanzania for almost three months and am very busy at work. My community has countless needs. I am addressing individual health needs, while also trying to implement health education. People let heath problems go far too long; then sometimes it's too late to help. Early intervention is key. Because of the Life Grant I was able to purchase three new sewing machines for our sewing class. This may seem funny since I came here to be a nurse, but our sewing class is such an effective way to influence young women in a positive way. This age group has few opportunities, and sewing gives them work and helps them provide for their families. I have also used some of the grant money for much needed medical supplies and vitamin supplements. Every morning the children are given porridge with vitamin supplements. In the past five months, 20 students have gained an average of 7lbs each!