To inspire hope and possibility in young adults who are living with life-threatening illnesses

Meet Cyrus Khambatta Life Grant Winner

I consider myself fortunate to have been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes six years ago at the age of 22. It may sound strange to consider myself privileged with a health condition as invasive as diabetes, but I stand in front of you today a completely different person from the one I was in my early 20s. I was given the unique opportunity to re-evaluate my entire life at a very young age. I'm an athlete, I've always been an athlete and I hope to always be an athlete. For me, movement is at the very essence of my core; it's a gateway to a meditative state that has become a necessity and my passion. My goal is to share this passion for fitness with a generation of children with juvenile diabetes who simply don't understand the powerful effect exercise can have on their health. The Life Grant provides me the means to create an organization focused on educating youngsters with this confusing condition to use exercise as a substitute for insulin therapy, a tool for longevity, and a means for optimal health. I am truly indebted to this Foundation and to dedicated and enthusiastic supporters like you for providing me the opportunity to become a leader in this community. Your generosity touches the lives of more individuals than you or I will ever know.